The Anchorage Program

   The initial phase of the program, Phase 1, is 120 days in duration. This phase is designed  to focus the client on his personal issues and his spiritual condition.  The requirements are strict and enforced.   No visits for the first 30 days, although written correspondence is allowed.  Radios, cell phones or phone calls are not permitted during this phase.  After completion of the initial phase of the program, overnight passes will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Clinical Director.  The program components during the initial phase are Bible study, counseling, 12-Step classes. and daily assigned work duty.  Men that are open to God and the work of the Holy Spirit will experience great change in their lives during this phase.

   Phase II of the program is based on successful completion of Phase I.  Clients are admitted into Phase II by application to the Clinical Director.   Phase II enables the client to build on the successes he has experienced during his first 120 days at The Anchorage.  Phone calls, visits and weekend passes are permitted during Phase II.  Clients must attend weekly AA groups and Chapel services.  Each man is required to obtain an AA or NA sponsor and attend a minimum three 12-Step, AA or NA meetings weekly.   The men can attend church services in the Albany area.  During this time the men are expected to find employment in the area.  The client is expected to pay 25% of his earnings on a weekly basis to The Anchorage to begin paying a small portion of his care.  Authorization to possess a vehicle is approved on a case-by-case basis by the Clinical Director.

   Each man entering The Anchorage will receive a Client Handbook detailing general policies and procedures, a Life Recovery Bible, the Handbook of Alcoholic Anonymous, and an Interactive Personal Journal.  These books are used extensively in the program and are covered by the Application Fee.

   The Anchorage approach to treatment for alcohol and drug abuse has proven highly successful for over 60 years.  Thousands of alumni lead a successful and fulfilled life today that began with a stay at The Anchorage.  Perhaps you or someone you love could benefit from our approach to addiction treatment.

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